What Kind of False Eyelashes are the Best?

What Kind of False Eyelashes are the Best?

There are many options for the best false eyelashes out there on the market, and we understand just how difficult it can be to choose the right style and design for you. All eyelashes are different in terms of the materials they are made up of, the style, and the quality. Lets break down the different types of lashes available.

Synthetic False Eyelashes

Synthetic false eyelashes are made with synthetic materials, typically derived from plastic fibers. However, don't let that fool you! Many synthetic lashes can be very soft and fluffy even though they are made from plastic materials.

Cheap versions of synthetic lashes can be uncomfortable to wear if they are made poorly. For cheaper synthetic eyelashes, you usually can only get about 2-3 wears of them before they start getting grimy or start falling apart. There are some lashes that are made with synthetic fibers that can be more comfortable to wear, but will cost a little bit more.

Our Premium Synthetic False Eyelashes are actually made with a soft synthetic silk material. This material mimics the feeling of silk and are extremely comfortable and easy to wear. Plus, they are vegan and cruelty-free! We recommend the styles Sly, Posh, or Trendy if you're a beginner lash wearer. Our synthetic best fake eyelashes last between 20-25 wears with proper care and cleaning. They are also super affordable!

Style: Trendy


Silk False Eyelashes

Silk false eyelashes are considered a premium type of eyelash and are made with synthetic silk fibers. The silk fibers make the eyelashes extremely soft and comfortable on the eyes. These fibers are designed to be thin and smooth, allowing for the band of the eyelash to be comfortable and adjustable to any eye shape. The way silk lashes are designed is typically in a 3D style, making the lashes super wispy and fluttery. Dramatic styles can be created with silk fibers because of how lightweight the materials are.

The silk lashes adhere to glue very well and have little to no shedding. They are more expensive than synthetic lashes, but still super affordable. Plus, these fake eyelashes last between 20-25 wears on average with proper care and won't irritate your eyes or become uncomfortable. Our 3D Silk False Eyelashes are made with a synthetic type of silk (no animal by-products) that are vegan alternative to silk. This material mimics the look and feel of silk and are created with a 3D effect for beautiful, fluffy effect. If you're a beginner lash wearer, we recommend the Clever or Heavenly 3D Silk styles.

Style: Inspired


Mink False Eyelashes

Mink false eyelashes are made with sterilized mink fur. The materials are acquired through farms that brush the shedding hairs off of minks and are then sterilized before use. The fibers of mink false eyelashes are typically soft and comfortable to wear. The biggest downfall of mink materials is that they do not adhere to glue well, causing a lot of shedding during wear and over time. Keep in mind that in some foreign countries, there is no regulations on animal cruelty and safety. It cannot be guaranteed that no animals are harmed in their products. This is why Creative Soul Cosmetics is completely AGAINST mink false eyelashes, and instead offer an amazing vegan alternative called our 5D Faux Mink Eyelashes.


Faux Mink False Eyelashes


Many mink eyelash wearers choose the mink material because of how wispy and fluffy they are. However, they are not vegan and don't always guaranteed to be cruelty free. This is why Creative Soul Cosmetics created our 5D Faux Mink Eyelashes, which are completely VEGAN and cruelty free.

They have designed with 5 beautiful layers of synthetic materials, making them the fluffiest eyelash you'll ever experience! These are super high quality products that are comfortable to wear, and trust us - they do not look like false eyelashes. You'll wow your friends with these lashes and will look absolutely stunning.

Style: Lucid


Horse Fur False Eyelashes

Horse fur false eyelashes are a newer style of false eyelashes that have recently become popular due to their extreme wispy effect. The false eyelash styles are very pretty because of the materials. Horse fur is easy to manipulate and will hold certain shapes, make it much easier to create a wispy effect with the lash styles. Horse fur is purchased by lash manufacturers and is sterilized before use.

Again, keep in mind that in some foreign countries, there is no regulations on animal cruelty and safety. Horse fur false eyelashes also tend to have some shedding over time but can be worn multiples times with proper care. We do not believe in horse fur eyelashes, and have amazing alternatives that provide the same wispy and fluffy effects without the harm to beautiful animals. Our 5D Faux Mink False Eyelashes are vegan and cruelty free and are a great alternative to horse fur eyelashes. 


Human Hair Eyelashes

Human hair false eyelashes are the most popular kind of eyelash right next to synthetic eyelashes. If you've ever purchased a pair of Ardel lashes, you've tried human hair lashes. Think of these lashes like hair extensions - the materials are required in the same fashion. When you use actual human hair, whether it's hair extensions or false eyelashes, it creates a super natural effect. These lashes are typically extremely soft and comfortable to wear. Human hair is very thin, allowing for the lash band to be super thin and easy to apply. 

We always suggest purchasing synthetic and synthetic silk lashes as opposed to false eyelashes made with animal fur or human hair. There are many lash companies that use factories in foreign countries that do not have regulations on animal cruelty in cosmetics. Although claims may be made that certain mink or horse fur lashes are cruelty free, it is still very uncertain whether or not the materials are acquired from animal farms that treat animals poorly. Our lashes do not include any animal fur whatsoever and are completely cruelty free and vegan. We love animals and do not want to contribute in any way to animal cruelty practices. 

We hope this guide helps you better understand what false eyelashes are available and the differences among them! If you're ready to purchase the best false eyelashes on the market that are affordable, cruelty free, and vegan - check out our full catalogue here and don't forget to grab some eyelash glue, too!

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